Challenge – “Step Your Game Up”

In my book “Are We There Yet” The Ultimate Challenge I have a chapter for our young sisters out there. My challenge is very simple. Men will do whatever it takes to win the heart and affection of a woman they desire. Men are hunters by nature and their method of hunting is to present themselves to their desired target in a manner that lures the female closer to them. In other words, Men will try anything and everything to impress a young lady that they desire and have feelings for to win her over.


So my sisters, you have the power to begin a much needed transformation of our young brothers out there. But first you have to realize YOUR worth and YOUR potential. Once you have the self-respect, self-esteem, and self-worth that you are a Queen, you deserves and demand a King, you will expect and accept nothing less from your potential mate.


This simply means Sisters, that you can,  as Steve Harvey  so brilliantly puts it, “Have Standards and Requirements.”  If a man is stepping to you, then have him “Step his Game Up”  by, pulling up his pants, looking presentable, addressing you like a lady.  Your standards and requirement should be that he has or is getting an education, game fully employed or at least willing to work, has ambition and is motivated to be successful through dedication and hard work in something positive.


If the brother can’t bring at least those things to the table, then step away and have him step off, until he can bring those minimum things to the table. Ladies, don’t sell yourself short and don’t settle. When our brothers realize that our sisters aren’t tolerating the ignorant, disrespectful, uneducated, unemployed, unmotivated men anymore, our brothers will have no choice but to, “Step their Game Up.”


So my sisters, are you with me? If so, be sure to upload your photo and words of support on



Thank you. Be sure to check out my weekly challenges.

“If not us then who,  if not now then when?”  John E. Lewis

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