The Founder

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Soon to be Best Selling Author Martin L. Davis of “Are We There Yet?” “The Ultimate Challenge” is proud to bring you “Be Brilliant”.

“If not us then who? If not now then when?” John E. Lewis

“Be Brilliant” was an idea and educational initiative created and launched by its founder Martin Davis in 2014. After hearing from young people in the inner city public school system, the challenges and peer pressure they face daily from other students just for speaking proper English, asking questions in class, turning in homework, carrying books to and from school, and studying for test. Martin knew right then and there that things had to changed in our schools. When being ignorant and illiterate was considered “Cool”, and getting good grades, studying, and speaking good English was “Acting White” there was a definite disconnect that had to be addressed. Had our young people become that brainwashed by society when doing time in prison got you more accolades than receiving your college degree? Were we at the point were speaking properly was criticized and talking in slang and Ebonics was “Keeping it Real” or “Being Down”? Had our children been conditioned over the past 2 decades that only white people should be well educated and speak proper English, and that we were only meant to be rappers, drug dealers, singers or athletes in order to become wealthy?

It’s hard to believe it happens, but when carrying books to and from school to do your homework can cause you to be the object of teasing, bullying, threats and criticizing, you know we as a people have dropped the ball on our kids.

“Be Brilliant” is here to pick up the ball and run with it. “Be Brilliant” is a national campaign to encourage and support our children who want to excel in school. Our initiative was created to make it “Cool” again to want to be the smartest kid in class. The campaign lets our kids know to never be ashamed of being brilliant, speaking intelligently, excelling in academics, and creating a future through education. Our campaign informs our young people that they will have options and opportunities in a competitive job market when they obtain a good education.

This site will enlighten young people that there are 2 paths that people take when growing up, “The easy way out” which consist of cutting class, not doing homework,  never studying, and expecting when you grow up, that someone will hand you a Six Figure Job. But of course “The easy way out” path doesn’t end well for many of our brothers and sisters. In many cases, “The easy way out” path leads you down the road of destruction to prison, homelessness, minimum wage earnings, and death on the streets.

The “Be Brilliant” path consist of “Hard Work and Dedication” (Floyd Mayweather). Our path isn’t easy and will require, ambition, focus, drive, and determination. The “Be Brilliant” path consist of attending classes on time and every day, being engaged while in class, doing your homework, studying for exams, and conducting yourself as an honor student focused on your future.

You have to make a decision my brothers and sisters between the 2 paths. It’s just that simple. We see the 2 different paths come to fruition every day. We see those students who excel in high school and enroll in colleges and universities across the country, and we see those “Cool” students, who drop out of school,  get locked up, become homeless, unemployed, or killed on the streets. One path provides options and opportunities to succeed; the other path normally leads to a dead end literally.

Don’t allow your family, friends or peers to steer you down the wrong path. “Be Brilliant!”

I believe in “Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is.” I love to acknowledge Student Educational Excellence with financial rewards. (“I S.E.E. Your Success” is the name of the awards program) So twice a year, I will be awarding 4 Inner City Minority Students that earn Straight A’s in all classes for two straight semesters $500.00 each. This $500.00 Challenge will begin in August/September 2014 when your perspective school year begins for children from the 7th-12th grades.  The Challenge will end in May/June 2015 when your school year is completed. To be considered, simply fill out our registration form and submit verifiable proof of your Report Card showing Straight A’s in all your classes for 2 straight semesters. Contact names and numbers to your school Principal or Guidance Counselor are required to be eligible to apply for the award.  Winners will be notified via email and their names and the school names will be announced on the web site.